The War on Humans

Killer whales suing Sea World for slavery. Laws against the humiliation of plants. University professors, politicians, and environmental extremist groups like Sierra Club advocating for human population control. What’s going on?! I know all this sounds really weird (or I hope it does!), but certain self-appointed important people think YOU (they would never think this of themselves) have no more value than the pile of goo you evolved from. Therefore, YOU (not them) have no more value than a blade of grass, so in order to “save the planet,” it’s okay to manage and control you like so many lawn trimmings.

Foolish thinking like this has its roots in naturalism, the false idea that the material universe is all that exists, and there is no God. Naturalism is supported by the false ideas of evolutionism and billions of years, which can deceive people into thinking that, over the eons of slow and gradual change, humans certainly aren’t any more special than anything else. Unless of course, you are one of “them.” The latest politically correct way to hate your neighbor is about THEM getting rid of YOU. I hope you’re not one of THEM.

Pray that unbelievers and confused Christians would get back to trusting His word, remembering that humans are special, created in His image, and commanded by God to wisely manage His creation (Genesis 1:26-28). Also, here are a couple of resources you can share. First is the new film and e-book by Wesley J. Smith titled War on Humans. You can watch the film below.

Second, show a skeptic the following graph. I used actual data from 222 countries, and sorted them by per-capita GDP. I found the top countries have a per capita GDP almost double that of the bottom half. That means they also have more funds available to properly steward God’s creation. But here’s the shocker for the human-haters. The population density of the top countries is over 5 times greater than the bottom countries.

average gdp vs population density

The biblical mandate to wisely “be fruitful and multiply” plays out in the real world with more people and more funds available for stewardship. The human-hater model, which equates stewardship with massive population reduction of other humans (not themselves), will result in less prosperous countries, and therefore a reduced ability to steward.

Ultimately, environmental issues are not really about human population. They are about human sin. If we reduced human population by 90%, which University of Texas professor Eric Pianka suggests, there would still be plenty of people left to make enough nuclear bombs to commit mass murder, but also environmental havoc, on a global scale.

God wants us to know His creation and use it. And biblical dominion doesn’t mean domination. Not even close. Nor does it mean keep our human hands off of as much of it as possible. Let’s stop rebelling against His commands in Genesis 1:26-28, repeated in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Let’s just trust him instead, humbly repent when we fail, and try a little harder to love our neighbors.

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4 Comments on “The War on Humans”

  1. Garzhad Says:

    Hate to break it to you but ‘Naturalists’ arn’t supported by evolution, though they try to use it to support their ridiculous ideas.

    They are a psychotic sub-sect of radical human-hating cultists that pervert reality for their own agenda.
    In effect, they are like Jihadis.
    They hate humanity and everything that we have accomplished and want to wipe the human race off the face of the earth.

    Evolution places humanity at the top of the food chain, being the greatest species to walk the face of the earth. Being the strongest, the world belongs to us, and it is our manifest destiny to conquer the stars themselves.
    I may not be religious, but I still place the sanctity of human life foremost on this earth, above any mere plant or animal, unlike those suicidal, homicidal, genocidal naturalist maniacs who would rather see a 6-yr old child sold into sexual slavery than have a tree be cut down.

    • gensci Says:

      Hi Garzhad,
      Sorry for the delayed response! I am glad to know that you value human life! However, I don’t think human value comes from being “at the top of the food chain.” Besides, there are plenty of places we can go on this planet where humans are definitely not at the top of the food chain!

      Life would be pretty pointless if all we were supposed to do was maintain a supposed evolutionary status as “top predator.” I don’t think you really believe that anyways, do you? A more rational and realistic view is that God created humans, and only humans, in His image, and gave us the responsibility to wisely manage His creation, for His glory, just like it says in Genesis 1:26-28. God’s story makes the most sense, and that’s the one I’m sticking to 🙂

      • Garzhad Says:

        I never said human value comes from our position on the food chain(which Is at the top. There isn’t a thing that walks this earth that can take a properly equipped, trained human. Even grizzly’s, elephants and bengal tigers will go down under a hail of gunfire)

        Human ‘value’ comes from our ability to think, to rationalize, the desire to understand and ask the why of things, and our ability to show love and compassion for things outside of ourselves and even our own species, among other things.

        No other animal on this earth cares about the feelings, well being and happiness of other creatures than we do, to the point of risking their own well being for that of another.

        Humanity possesses both the ability to save the world, and destroy it.

        As for a ‘point’ to life, well, life’s only purpose, ultimately, is life itself. It’s up to us to find our own purpose in life, and the search for this purpose is another thing that sets us apart from other animals.

        Humans have an intrinsic ‘need’ to find a purpose to their existence outside of simply ‘living’. Some find it in religion, others in philanthropy, the pursuit of knowledge/science, political activism or some other profession.

        The reasons are many and varied, but everyone ultimately is driven to find it.

        I may not share your religious views on things, but i’m certainly glad you’ve found your own happiness and purpose.

      • gensci Says:

        Hi Garzhad,
        I didn’t find my own happiness and purpose, It found me before I was even born (Jeremiah 1:5). I think It is searching for you, too 🙂

        I encourage you to think through what you are saying a little bit more. Evolutionism is a purely materialistic idea, yet a lot of what you described is immaterial (value, thinking, rationalizing, love, compassion).

        Also, if the only purpose of life is to live, then evolution has done a terrible job, especially since there are lowly trees that can live like 10 or 20 times longer than humans!

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