Talking Dolphins

While it is self-evident that God designed humans in His image, and gave us the responsibility to manage His creation (Genesis 1:26-28), it is also obvious He created other creatures with quite a bit of intelligence, too. Dolphins are a great example, and researchers are learning more about their ability to communicate with each other, even responding when their “signature whistle” is replayed to them. A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses recent research findings, and includes an audio clip of dolphins responding when their “name” is replayed back to them. Below are some video clips my family shot recently in Port Aransas, TX. Dolphins are very curious, and occasionally will come right up to the boat. In the video, you can see the dolphins, hear them echolocate (rapid clicking sounds) and communicate with each other (whistles). Some of them have also learned to wait patiently near fishermen, and when an undersized fish is caught and released, they pounce on it! They also like to “hitch a ride” at the bow of moving boats.

When around wild dolphins, remember that they are, well, wild, and they have teeth! Try to enjoy them from a distance (federal law says 50 yards), but if they come up to you, don’t gun the motor and race away from them, because you might hit one and injure it. Instead, just enjoy them! If you are swimming or wadefishing and they approach, just relax and be observant. They are curious yet cautious, which is how we should be, too.

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