Tiktaalik, a transitional fossil or just a fish?

This video presents some of the speculation and artwork that goes into describing fossils. Conclusions drawn about fossil finds are always subject to the interpreter’s bias. This video shows how a simple experiment can turn a round-headed fish into something resembling the flat-headed and supposed (by some) part-fish, part-amphibian known as Tiktaalik roseae.

There is evidence Tiktaalik was a “fishapod”, but there is also plenty of evidence it wasn’t.  Paleontologists (people who study fossils) should be more careful about explaining their findings, and they should set higher standards for themselves. They should not publish a “transitional fossil” until they have at least one fully intact specimen, as well as full or partial fossils of what it transitioned from and what it transitioned into. Paleontologists should also be very careful about passing their work off as “science”, because real science requires that conclusions be verified with direct observation, and we can’t do that with fossils. To prove what Tiktaalik really transitioned into, we would have to go back in a time machine and observe it over many generations, but we cannot do that. Interestingly, in all the real multigenerational studies, where scientists either have or currently are collecting data on what organisms transition from and into, not one of them shows evidence of transitioning from one kind of organism to another. Even multigenerational studies on bacteria, which can reproduce daily.

The Bible informs science, so it should be no surprise when scientists conclude over and over again that there are limits to genetic change. God said He created “each according to its kind” ( Genesis 1), and that “all flesh is not the same flesh” (I Corinthians 15:39) and man’s scientific endeavors with live organisms affirm this.

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