Why Use DIVE Math

DIVE Math is simply CD-ROM Lectures that teach Saxon Mathematics. Designed with homeschooling families in mind, DIVE CDs eliminate teacher preparation and lecture time, and allow students to go at their own pace. Dr. Shormann teaches using a learn-by-doing approach, with each lecture starting with a brief introduction, followed by several practice problems that the student works on their own paper. Taught from a Christian worldview, Dr. Shormann teaches that mathematics is the language of science and a tool for studying God’s creation. Watch the video to learn more on how DIVE compares to other curriculum, and how your child can get a great mathematics education using DIVE and Saxon!

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3 Comments on “Why Use DIVE Math”

  1. no name Says:

    I love your math! You teach things so clearly! I understand everything!:)

  2. no name Says:

    Thanks for this CD! It is so great! I can always understand it!:)

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