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Freethought Fools

August 7, 2013


I’m starting to think that atheists like P.Z. Myers and Aron Ra call themselves “freethinkers” because they want to be free to think irrationally. Aristotle taught us how to use syllogisms to think deductively. Deductive reasoning is actually the same thing as presuppositional thinking, where you start with a major premise and build from there. Click here to watch a video I made on understanding syllogisms. Scripture predating Aristotle also directs us to reason together (Isaiah 1:18).

Presuppositional thinking is also the foundation of Euclid’s famous mathematical work, The Elements. Starting with 5 axioms and 5 postulates, Euclid built over 400 propositions! In fact, all mathematics is presuppositional, where you start with certain premises, and apply those in new situations to discover new truths. Isaac Newton, author of the most famous science book in the history of everything, The Principia, began his work in the same deductive manner as Euclid.

Of course, presuppositional thinking has flaws, especially when we start with faulty assumptions.

Everybody uses presuppositional thinking, but irrational atheists like PZ and Aron dislike it. Now, an atheist named Ed has also chimed in, discussing how he really, really hates presuppositionalism.

What these wizards don’t realize is that they are presupposing that we shouldn’t use presuppositionalism! The freethinkers are saying we shouldn’t be free to think deductively. But that’s impossible, unless these gents gave some sort if anti-reason magic hat I wasn’t aware of.

Just to perform the act of typing this blog, I have to presuppose the symbols of the English alphabet. Nobody has to prove to me that “a” means “a” or “b” means “b”, etc. I assume those things are true without proof, which is the heart of presuppositional thinking.

These so-called “freethoughts” folks are actually freethoughts fools. They are anti-God, so from that it follows they are anti-reason, and from that it follows they are anti-math, and from that it follows they are anti-science. They cannot discern the difference between natural history research and scientific research. You simply can’t be “against” presuppositionalism, and “for” advancing math and science in the 21st Century. Their agenda dominates public education in America, so if you want to know why public schooling is getting more anti-intellectual, well, it’s not because creationists are in charge!

Pray that God would reveal to them the true Source of reason and reality.