Foundations in Genesis

Student Workbook Cover, Foundations in Genesis

I made this student workbook (Russian) and teacher’s manual (English) to use in seminary classes I’ll teach in March 2014 at the Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg, Russia. The seminary is the educational wing of the Slavic Reformation Society.

Foundations in Genesis, Student Workbook (Russian)

Foundations in Genesis, Teacher’s Manual (English)

I snapped the cover photo in 2009 at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, a world-famous grizzly bear viewing area. And speaking of grizzlies, if you would rather just read about them instead of all this deep theology stuff, click here.


The workbook includes a section for students to take notes during lectures, plus selected reading assignments. The two main sources for reading materials already translated into Russian include Chapters 1-3 of my book, Exchange of Truth (translated in 2008), and Creation Ministries International’s Russian page, currently with 134 articles translated into Russian. Praise God for this incredible resource from CMI!

I would also like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations, and their awesome sermons, films, presentations and papers that are part of this course:

Dr. John K. Reed et. al. and research papers on understanding naturalism here and here.

Pastor Fred Greco and sermons/lessons on Genesis and covenant theology.

Dr. George Grant’s sermon audio on The Cultural Mandate.

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner and The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

Dr. Jonathan Wells and his chapter on Soviet Darwinism (Lysenkoism) in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.

Mr. Mark Amunrud, instructor at Montana Bible College, and presentations on the main point of Genesis.

Rousas J. Rushdoony’s book on Genesis, and particularly Chapter 7 on marriage.

Living Waters Ministry and 180 Movie.

American Vision and How to Answer The Fool.

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2 Comments on “Foundations in Genesis”

  1. Deb Graham Says:

    Hi Doctor Shormann, You wouldn’t happen to have that Student Workbook in English Would you? We’d be willing to purchase it! Would you consider putting apologetics and fallacy/logic classes out on DIVE in the future? In His Work we Rest, ~ Deb Graham Homeschool mom to 9 sons. Currently using DIVE ItunesU (Algebra II & Advanced Math) And eLearning (Integrated Chemistry and Physics and Chemistry)

    Sent from my iPhone


    • gensci Says:

      Hi Deb,
      I’m sorry, I don’t have an English version right now, other than the teacher’s manual that has all my notes in red. It’s in a pretty “rough draft” format, but I went ahead and posted it just so others could get an idea of what I was teaching about. I don’t have plans right now to make an apologetics course, but that is a good idea! Keep up the great work with all those sons of yours!

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