Homeschool Freedom


Here in Texas, many families homeschool, where people are free to educate their children the way they think is best. Unfortunately, many children don’t even live long enough to have a chance to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as their parents kill them before they are even born.

This past weekend, at the Texas Home School Coalition’s annual convention, a very small group of atheists thought it was important to try to disrupt liberty by protesting against interpretations of dinosaur history that differed from their own. Although this isn’t something to protest, but discuss, atheists thought it was important to hold signs that said things like “teach science” and “kids deserve a future.”

Of course, the truth of these statements is self-evident to most people, but I was surprised that atheists actually disagreed with their own signs! I was told that some science topics I thought children should learn were too complex. They’re not.

What was really discouraging though was most of them didn’t think ALL kids deserve a future. When pressed on this, several wouldn’t even talk about it and walked away.

Thankfully though, some would at least listen, and some even hinted at changing their minds about abortion!

It is amazing that some people don’t realize how much they dislike liberty, especially other people’s liberty. Do you know someone like this? Pray that God would change their hearts, and keep the conversation going!

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