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Well, we had an awesome weekend at the Texas Home School Coalition’s annual convention in The Woodlands! Sales were amazing, and we’re grateful to God for that! The glory is His alone. So thankful so many families in the nation of Texas are interested in getting their kids a solid math and science education! In America today, we need to do so much better at taking the things God has made and turning those into useful products that glorify Him and serve others. We need to pray that folks will start thinking again about how they were created in His image, and are therefore designed to be super-creative, too. For too long, too many have thought a man-centered government education would be all their child needed. Certainly, a man-centered education can produce a fine student, but if you take that up a notch to a God-centered education, the tree will have deeper roots and consistently bear more fruit.

Think of the man-centered education of the Greeks. They did a lot of amazing things, but they were stifled by an irrational fear of something as basic as the square root of two, along with the concept of infinity. It was Christians though, with a God-centered education and a correct understanding of the reality of infinity, who rekindled mathematics and gave us calculus, the most amazing tool ever for understanding His creation.

While the turnout of creation-loving Christians was amazing this weekend, I was a little disappointed at the low numbers of atheists who came to protest dinosaur history. I was hoping there would be more atheists to talk to, but several would not talk at all when I wanted to discuss how science teaches that life begins at conception. I was able to educate several atheists on topics ranging from supercritical fluids to the information stored in the 3D chromosomal structure inside a cell. One atheist had a problem with Christians eating animals, because they said we were killing our ancestors. I mentioned that because she believed in bacteria-to-biology teacher evolution, she was also killing her ancestors every time she killed bacteria. Thankfully, she saw the irrationality of her argument and course-corrected. Who knows, maybe she will see the irrationality of evolutionism in general, too, and the way it leads people to illogical interpretations of reality.

We saw several atheists course-correct regarding protecting the unborn child. That’s a very good thing! Some were even stumped by questions from homeschooled children. Our goals though were not to win the argument, but the man (or woman). I hope they were able to see that we cared about them and how we hope that, in the future, they will make a better use of their time than protesting dinosaur history. Shoot, Aron Ra even let me give him a hug, and protest coordinator Vic Wang and I discovered we both started at UT in electrical engineering. I continued in engineering, and Vic chose the business route, but it was good to discuss our “common ancestry” as Longhorns. I look forward to getting together with these folks some more, perhaps in a debate forum of some sort.

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4 Comments on “Homeschool Nation”

  1. Spector567 Says:

    See what happens when you meet people openly and honestly.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder what you could have accomplished if you hadn’t spent a week accusing them of everything under the sun and trying to get there event canceled.

    I hope you learned a valuable lesson here. As ism sure many atheists did as well.

    • gensci Says:

      Howdy Spector,
      Unfortunately, I didn’t really learn much from the few atheists who showed up, but saw more of what I’ve known since I was 7, which is this: When you stand up to bullies, they usually back off. There is no conflict between science and religion, and certainly no reason to protest a Christian’s interpretation of history here in the land of the free and home of the brave. Hopefully we can all move on from here and advance math and science education for the glory of God and service of others.

      • Spector567 Says:

        If you are going to respond to maybe you should show what is said. =)

        And have you ever considered that from there perspective your the who was being a bully and you ended backing down. Afterall they showed up and did what they planned to do from the start in the place they planned despite your attempts to kick them out of it.

        Than when you met the people you referred to as the kkk face to face. You smiled and hugged them and said you wanted to meet them again.

        Ever consider that you may have misjudged them?

  2. gensci Says:

    Howdy Spector,
    I am not the one calling for laws against evolutionism and the beheading of atheists, so no, I’m not sure how a rational person could think I’m a bully. It is also self-evident that not all atheists are equally irrational. I think the blog discussions we’ve had the past week really helped tone down the atheist side of things. Not many showed up, and none in costumes, which I think was a good move for them. It’s a step in the right direction, and I hope God will continue to turn hearts away from irrational atheism and towards Him. On another note, when are you going to use your real name? I use my real name.

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