TFN Calls for an Old-Fashioned Beheading

The Houston Museum of Natural Science continues its plan to profit from anti-religious bullies that are in a kerfuffle over something as trivial as religious folks who interpret history differently than they do. The group plans to bring their pre-Civil Rights era mentality to HMNS this Sunday, disguised as an “Answers in Science” meeting. Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network, who is not a scientist, is slated to speak.

Yesterday, TFN posted a blog in response to my concerns, titling it “Creationist Demands That Houston Museum Ban Atheists and Science Supporters” Of course, I have no desire for HMNS to ban atheists and science supporters. How unreasonable! What I do think is right and proper though is to cancel the meeting hall rental, as HMNS should not profit from ANY groups promoting religious intolerance. Of course, in the comments section of the blog, TFN proves my point. Here’s just a couple of their “happy thoughts”:

happy thoughts 1

happy thoughts 2

TFN claims to be supportive of religion, but they have a very irrational way of showing it! By leaving the comments displayed, TFN proves their support of anti-religious hate-speech. How many hateful comments like this will it take to prove my point that the group meeting this Sunday is actually anti-religious bullies masquerading as “science supporters?” Pray for those who believe their hollow deception (Colossians 2:8), and for those at HMNS who stand to profit from them. Voice your opinion and call HMNS VP of Marketing and Communications, Latha Thomas, at 713-639-4712. Don’t counter hate with hate though, and focus on winning the man (or woman), not the argument.

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6 Comments on “TFN Calls for an Old-Fashioned Beheading”

  1. Spector567 Says:

    Opps I didn’t add 4.
    4. You you were already aware that other posters had called out the bigots. because there posts occured several hours before you created your article.

    • gensci Says:

      Spector, if someone posted death threats to non-Christians on my blog, I would consider myself responsible for it. I would also send their information to the FBI. Don’t stick up for TFN, they are fools. Go watch 42 Movie, remember the stupidity that reigned in pre-Civil Rights America, and don’t be a part of repeating stupid stuff again.

  2. Spector567 Says:

    Did you wait to see if they reported it? How do you know they didn’t? Or did you just accuse an organization of supporting beheading when they clearly did not? (some random poster did)

    I’m sorry but I was taught to tell the truth. To accurately repeat and tell what people say no matter who they are or what they believe. That I have a duty as a christian and a good human being to do so.

    Did you or did you not misrepresent what TFN actually said? Did you or did you not misrepresent the views of the vast majority of the posters?
    Did you or did you not ignore the fact that the very next posters that read the site immediately admonished and insulted the bigoted poster. Telling him that he does not represent there views and and that he should be more tolerant. (something you have been harping on all week, but apparently don’t appreciate, when it was right in front of your face.)

    Some of the very next posters stood up for you and other Christians and this is how you treat them?

    I’m sorry the proper response here was to accept that you jumped the gun.

    Not to try to justify your behavior with “They are fools” go watch a movie and don’t defend them. As if ANY of that was an excuse for you to misrepresent them.

    I told you before that I had lost respect for creationists….. behavior like this is the reason why.

    and I really hope you didn’t delete my first post containing points 1-3.

    Maybe it’s you that needs to do some praying. Because I highly doubt Jesus would do or support anything you just did.

    • gensci Says:

      Sorry Spector, but you’re wrong about this. Has TFN contacted the FBI and other authorities about the poster? What about you, have you contacted the authorities? Has TFN taken down the post? Has TFN responded and said the poster is an anti-religious bigot, and that we don’t do that in America?

      And yes, I did delete one of your posts. However, I have your email address, and I would be happy to send you your comments and you can post them on your own blog. If you would like me to do that, tell me your real name and the company you work for, so I can forward your comments to them as well.

      • Chris Says:


        ” tell me your real name and the company you work for, so I can forward your comments to them as well.”

        this is what real bullying look like, not what AIS is doing.

      • gensci Says:

        Wrong Chris, what I’m doing is standing up to bullying.

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