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Freethought Fools

August 7, 2013


I’m starting to think that atheists like P.Z. Myers and Aron Ra call themselves “freethinkers” because they want to be free to think irrationally. Aristotle taught us how to use syllogisms to think deductively. Deductive reasoning is actually the same thing as presuppositional thinking, where you start with a major premise and build from there. Click here to watch a video I made on understanding syllogisms. Scripture predating Aristotle also directs us to reason together (Isaiah 1:18).

Presuppositional thinking is also the foundation of Euclid’s famous mathematical work, The Elements. Starting with 5 axioms and 5 postulates, Euclid built over 400 propositions! In fact, all mathematics is presuppositional, where you start with certain premises, and apply those in new situations to discover new truths. Isaac Newton, author of the most famous science book in the history of everything, The Principia, began his work in the same deductive manner as Euclid.

Of course, presuppositional thinking has flaws, especially when we start with faulty assumptions.

Everybody uses presuppositional thinking, but irrational atheists like PZ and Aron dislike it. Now, an atheist named Ed has also chimed in, discussing how he really, really hates presuppositionalism.

What these wizards don’t realize is that they are presupposing that we shouldn’t use presuppositionalism! The freethinkers are saying we shouldn’t be free to think deductively. But that’s impossible, unless these gents gave some sort if anti-reason magic hat I wasn’t aware of.

Just to perform the act of typing this blog, I have to presuppose the symbols of the English alphabet. Nobody has to prove to me that “a” means “a” or “b” means “b”, etc. I assume those things are true without proof, which is the heart of presuppositional thinking.

These so-called “freethoughts” folks are actually freethoughts fools. They are anti-God, so from that it follows they are anti-reason, and from that it follows they are anti-math, and from that it follows they are anti-science. They cannot discern the difference between natural history research and scientific research. You simply can’t be “against” presuppositionalism, and “for” advancing math and science in the 21st Century. Their agenda dominates public education in America, so if you want to know why public schooling is getting more anti-intellectual, well, it’s not because creationists are in charge!

Pray that God would reveal to them the true Source of reason and reality.

Homeschool Freedom

August 4, 2013


Here in Texas, many families homeschool, where people are free to educate their children the way they think is best. Unfortunately, many children don’t even live long enough to have a chance to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as their parents kill them before they are even born.

This past weekend, at the Texas Home School Coalition’s annual convention, a very small group of atheists thought it was important to try to disrupt liberty by protesting against interpretations of dinosaur history that differed from their own. Although this isn’t something to protest, but discuss, atheists thought it was important to hold signs that said things like “teach science” and “kids deserve a future.”

Of course, the truth of these statements is self-evident to most people, but I was surprised that atheists actually disagreed with their own signs! I was told that some science topics I thought children should learn were too complex. They’re not.

What was really discouraging though was most of them didn’t think ALL kids deserve a future. When pressed on this, several wouldn’t even talk about it and walked away.

Thankfully though, some would at least listen, and some even hinted at changing their minds about abortion!

It is amazing that some people don’t realize how much they dislike liberty, especially other people’s liberty. Do you know someone like this? Pray that God would change their hearts, and keep the conversation going!

Homeschool Nation

August 3, 2013

Well, we had an awesome weekend at the Texas Home School Coalition’s annual convention in The Woodlands! Sales were amazing, and we’re grateful to God for that! The glory is His alone. So thankful so many families in the nation of Texas are interested in getting their kids a solid math and science education! In America today, we need to do so much better at taking the things God has made and turning those into useful products that glorify Him and serve others. We need to pray that folks will start thinking again about how they were created in His image, and are therefore designed to be super-creative, too. For too long, too many have thought a man-centered government education would be all their child needed. Certainly, a man-centered education can produce a fine student, but if you take that up a notch to a God-centered education, the tree will have deeper roots and consistently bear more fruit.

Think of the man-centered education of the Greeks. They did a lot of amazing things, but they were stifled by an irrational fear of something as basic as the square root of two, along with the concept of infinity. It was Christians though, with a God-centered education and a correct understanding of the reality of infinity, who rekindled mathematics and gave us calculus, the most amazing tool ever for understanding His creation.

While the turnout of creation-loving Christians was amazing this weekend, I was a little disappointed at the low numbers of atheists who came to protest dinosaur history. I was hoping there would be more atheists to talk to, but several would not talk at all when I wanted to discuss how science teaches that life begins at conception. I was able to educate several atheists on topics ranging from supercritical fluids to the information stored in the 3D chromosomal structure inside a cell. One atheist had a problem with Christians eating animals, because they said we were killing our ancestors. I mentioned that because she believed in bacteria-to-biology teacher evolution, she was also killing her ancestors every time she killed bacteria. Thankfully, she saw the irrationality of her argument and course-corrected. Who knows, maybe she will see the irrationality of evolutionism in general, too, and the way it leads people to illogical interpretations of reality.

We saw several atheists course-correct regarding protecting the unborn child. That’s a very good thing! Some were even stumped by questions from homeschooled children. Our goals though were not to win the argument, but the man (or woman). I hope they were able to see that we cared about them and how we hope that, in the future, they will make a better use of their time than protesting dinosaur history. Shoot, Aron Ra even let me give him a hug, and protest coordinator Vic Wang and I discovered we both started at UT in electrical engineering. I continued in engineering, and Vic chose the business route, but it was good to discuss our “common ancestry” as Longhorns. I look forward to getting together with these folks some more, perhaps in a debate forum of some sort.

TFN Calls for an Old-Fashioned Beheading

August 1, 2013

The Houston Museum of Natural Science continues its plan to profit from anti-religious bullies that are in a kerfuffle over something as trivial as religious folks who interpret history differently than they do. The group plans to bring their pre-Civil Rights era mentality to HMNS this Sunday, disguised as an “Answers in Science” meeting. Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network, who is not a scientist, is slated to speak.

Yesterday, TFN posted a blog in response to my concerns, titling it “Creationist Demands That Houston Museum Ban Atheists and Science Supporters” Of course, I have no desire for HMNS to ban atheists and science supporters. How unreasonable! What I do think is right and proper though is to cancel the meeting hall rental, as HMNS should not profit from ANY groups promoting religious intolerance. Of course, in the comments section of the blog, TFN proves my point. Here’s just a couple of their “happy thoughts”:

happy thoughts 1

happy thoughts 2

TFN claims to be supportive of religion, but they have a very irrational way of showing it! By leaving the comments displayed, TFN proves their support of anti-religious hate-speech. How many hateful comments like this will it take to prove my point that the group meeting this Sunday is actually anti-religious bullies masquerading as “science supporters?” Pray for those who believe their hollow deception (Colossians 2:8), and for those at HMNS who stand to profit from them. Voice your opinion and call HMNS VP of Marketing and Communications, Latha Thomas, at 713-639-4712. Don’t counter hate with hate though, and focus on winning the man (or woman), not the argument.