An invitation to dinner

Dear P.Z. Myers and Aron Ra,

P.Z., thank you for your response, and Aron, for your response, to my recent blog posts. P.Z., there’s no history denial going on here, just some skepticism of deep time claims. Do you mind if I am skeptical that men in the 21st Century haven’t got a very good handle on unrecorded history? Also, I’m totally against an Aristotelian “fixity of species” approach to biology. I agree with your statement that biology is a dynamic process. In reference to the concept that genes and genomes change over time, if you want to call that “evolution”, fine, but do you mind if I just call it “population genetics research”? Of course now, to show how populations morph without genetic change, you have to add on epigenetics, too.

21st Century science certainly does show how genes and genomes change over time, but it also shows there are limits to that change. I’m skeptical that genomes have changed as much as you think they have.

Aron, as a Christian, I believe God is in charge of my profits, so don’t fool yourself into believing you have “wounded” my supposed “cash cow” in any way. You haven’t. I look at this as an opportunity to interact with folks I normally wouldn’t get to talk to, and hopefully defuse some intolerance and bigotry along the way. In America today, we need people who aren’t wasting time being “against creationism”, but instead are tolerant of religion, AND are out promoting and doing 21st Century Scientific research. We need more producers, not more protesters 🙂

Anyways, I would be happy to take y’all to dinner in The Woodlands on Friday evening. I am certain we could find some things we agree on, while discussing and tolerating each other’s differences. If y’all are interested, just leave a comment here (my comments are private until approved, so I will keep your emails confidential).


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14 Comments on “An invitation to dinner”

  1. m chaney Says:

    Nice touch Dr. Dave.

    • gensci Says:

      Thank you sir! I’m more than happy to eat dinner with two atheists, we’ll see if they’re up for it.

  2. Geek Goddess Says:

    Please quit using the name of my nice town. I don’t want everyone to think The Woodlands is some hotbed of irrational creationism. We already have to contend with Barbara Cargill.

    • gensci Says:

      Last I checked, The Woodlands was a hotbed of science and technology, so if it is also a hotbed of creationism, then that would mean creationism is sparking some of that creativity, correct? Bill Nye says just that here:

      Let me help you understand creationism a little better. In Genesis 1:26-28, God tells us He created us in His image, which means we were designed to be incredibly creative, too! He also gives us the command to think inductively, or “do science”. So, you teach a child that they are designed to be super-creative, then you show them how awesome God is at creating things, you liberate their mind and produce a very talented and creative child. So, what is irrational here is your claim that creationism is irrational. The Woodlands proves it, Bill Nye proved it, and Scripture proves it.

      • Geek Goddess Says:

        Thanks for the response, but I spent years reading the Bible cover to cover. God doesn’t “tell” us anything. A group of Bronze Age priests, who created the Bible over centuries, told us a few things, but challenging the bible wasn’t one of them. My sons were taught to think and create for the joy of it, because it engages their mind. Not because of the commandments of any one of hundreds of gods told them to be so.

        Quoting the bible to people who have rejected it as anything other than literature isn’t going to convince anyone, you know.

      • gensci Says:

        General revelation of creation is a common grace God gives us all. I’m glad your two sons were taught to think and create for the joy of it. I do wonder though, how do you know it was you who rejected God? How do you know it wasn’t God who allowed your heart to be hardened towards Him?

      • Geek Goddess Says:

        Strange God, then.

      • gensci Says:

        Could you answer my question please? How do you know it was you who did the rejecting, and not Him who darkened your foolish heart because you did not acknowledge Him, nor were thankful? (Romans 1)

      • Geek Goddess Says:

        That’s a nonsensical question. I can’t reject what doesn’t exist, what I never believed to start with.

        Why have you rejected Zeus? Thor? God’s last prophet Mohammed?

        You inherited your religion from your parents or from your culture. If you had been born in Calcutta, you’d be a Hindu and be just as sure of yourself. You did not start from a null position, study every philosophy, then chose evangelical Bible-as-literal-truth Christianity (which wasn’t a ‘thing’ until the mid 19th century).

      • gensci Says:

        So if one doesn’t “believe” in God, then He doesn’t exist? How do you know? Sounds like you’ve made yourself the judge of all eternity. I’m skeptical of that. Is it okay with you if I don’t “believe” you, or will you judge me for my unbelief?

  3. Dave Says:

    So if one believes in God he must exist? Sounds like you’ve made yourself judge of all eternity. Boy, am I skeptical of that. Does this give you the power to judge others who don’t share your belief.

    Today I was as good as called a liar and a thief by some blowhard street preacher. If I hadn’t been on my way to meet a friend, I was very tempted to ask this idiot to defend his claim. You are made in the same mould as the loudmouth.

    • gensci Says:

      You and I are both made in the same mould as the loudmouth. Everybody’s made in the same mould as the loudmouth. We’re all sinners in need of a Savior.

      • Dave Says:

        No, because I don’t stand in a public place shouting at people that they should all be atheists like me. You may be a sinner, mate, I’m just an ordinary person.

      • gensci Says:

        You’re an extraordinary person, whose also a sinner in need of a Savior. Hoping you see the Light soon.

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