Bill Nye Links Creationism With American Creativity

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A lot has been said recently of a viral YouTube video by “Bill Nye the Science Guy“, where he makes many ridiculous connections between science and his personal beliefs about origins. Others have responded with their own videos, including Answers in Genesis here and here, and Creation Ministries International here. And, in an unrelated incident in 2011, AiG’s Creation Museum cameras picked up Bill Nye stalking around in their museum parking lot. I guess he thought he was “Bill Nye the Spy Guy”, gathering intel for “his side”. Why not just go inside and have an open, friendly discussion instead?[Jan 2014 update: Bill Nye has decided to go inside the Creation Museum and debate Ken Ham. Kudos to Mr. Nye for wanting to debate this important topic!]

After filtering through all the noise in Nye’s video, I found one correlation that Mr. Nye missed. Nye starts by saying “denial of evolution is unique in the United States”. What he means is that 40% or more of the United States population believes in “young earth creationism”. But, immediately after this, Nye proclaims how the United States is “where most of the innovation still happens”. Innovative people are creative people. Innovative….creative…creationist….creationism, do you see the connection?

Creativity of God is at the foundation of a Christian education. And in Genesis 1:27, we learn that God created man in His image. God, in His infinite power and creativity, made us like Him. He uniquely designed us to be amazingly creative and purposeful. So, it makes total sense that a country where a large portion of the population believes in a creative God who made them like Himself, would also be the world leader in technological innovations.

Compare giving a child a proper Christian education, as opposed to brainwashing them into believing they evolved for no purpose from godless goo a long time ago. Which form of education do you think is more likely to produce creative, helpful people? Which form is more likely to keep people in a state of godless foolishness (Psalm 14:1)?

Thank you Mr. Nye, for making that great connection between creationism and American ingenuity. It makes perfect sense. More public acceptance of our Creator sparks more creativity, while more acceptance of evolutionism sparks less creativity.

So, what about you? Are you a humanist whose manifesto requires you to believe in evolution? Atheist? Theistic evolutionist? If yes to any of those, perhaps today is the day to turn a corner and be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). Your hysteria over “evolution deniers” is totally unreasonable. Open your mind, open the Bible, and relax about all the creationists in your midst! God can change your heart and mind, and I pray that He will.

If you have a question, leave a rational comment (no cussin’ and no rantin’!) and let’s discuss it. Or, if you would rather just hear some silly atheist camp songs sung by Tim Hawkins, click here.

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3 Comments on “Bill Nye Links Creationism With American Creativity”

  1. Julie Says:

    My son Jared just recently showed me this video on YouTube . As a little guy he would watch Bill Nye . Of course we laughed at his comments . Thank you for sharing the whole story . Hanging in the Creation Museaum
    Parking lot ?!?! Bill Nye = the creepy guy.

  2. Lillith Says:

    For God’s children you sound pretty judgmental and spiteful.

    • gensci Says:

      Hey, who made you the judge on who is and isn’t being judgmental? If it’s okay for you to judge me, but not vice-versa, then you are either a fool or a hypocrite. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s true! Jesus said we shouldn’t judge based on appearance, but to judge with righteous judgement (John 7:24). In other words, we should search for truth, goodness, and beauty, and be wise about how we do that. Every single day, you, I, and every other human is constantly making judgments about what they consider to be true, good, and beautiful. God’s word is my foundation for determining truth, goodness and beauty, and I hope it is yours, too (or will be soon!). I would encourage you to look at some of my other blog posts, and see if there are any words, photos, or videos that we could agree on regarding their truth, goodness, or beauty. If you have children, I have some coloring pages of animals that they could do.

      The focus of this blog is to connect what God said with what He made. If you would like to talk about that, especially the connection between American creativity and creationism, I would be happy to.

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