Stewardship Versus Nature Worship

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Crying Wolf is an excellent documentary by a homeschool graduate, Jeffrey King, about properly understanding man’s role in nature. It is available to watch free online until December 2011. It does contain some pretty graphic images of animals destroyed by wolves and left to die, but he warns you before the images appear. As one man says in the movie, environmentalism is nature worship, and as Christians, we are supposed to worship the Creator, not the creature (Romans 1:24-25). We are supposed to take what God has given us and make it fluorish. We are supposed to be a part of nature, not just wimpy spectators who feel bad about our “carbon footprint”. Watch the movie and add a comment below if you want to discuss it. Then, get outside and grow something, shoot something, catch something, cut down a tree, etc., but do it responsibly and make good use out of it.

Crying Wolf Movie (HD) from JD King on Vimeo.

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2 Comments on “Stewardship Versus Nature Worship”

  1. olivia atherton Says:

    This was very well done…I had never heard this before. THANKS FOR SHARING IT!

    • gensci Says:

      Hi Olivia, you’re welcome. I thought it was quite well done, too, and I hope it will get more Christians thinking correctly about the issues presented.

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