Legal Abortion by Pill Clinic

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“spam” is a word defining “unsolicited electronic advertising”. It is a form of advertising most people consider as underhanded and an abuse of the Internet. When received on a blog, it is also referred to as “blam”. Last week, I received a “spam alert” on my blog. This is not the first spam comment I’ve received, but this one surprised me because it was from an abortion clinic:

abortion clinic spam message

Before I continue, allow me to make it crystal clear how myself and millions (billions?) of others define abortion. Abortion is murder. Here is a drawing detailing the moment a new life begins to grow:

A new baby begins growing the moment the egg is fertilized.

A new baby begins growing the moment the egg is fertilized. Unfortunately, many people don’t agree or are ignorant of this fact, and in America and most other countries, killing unborn children, a.k.a “abortion”,  is actually legal. However, when an unborn baby is taken from its mother and killed, only a fool would define that act as something other than murder.

So why would a child-killing clinic send out spam messages? Well, mainly because the killing of unborn babies is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States and elsewhere. It is filled with greedy people who are out to make a dollar, and they have no problem using unethical practices like “spamming” to advertise their immoral businesses. Normal advertising requires a payment to someone for marketing your product. Spammers basically eliminate the middle-man, sending out large volumes of unsolicited advertising, greatly reducing their advertising costs. Spamming is selfish, greedy and wrong, but what else would you expect from a company who tries to deceive women into believing that killing their unborn child is not murder?

According to a Wikipedia page on blog spam, a company benefits from sending out blog spam because “Adding links that point to the spammer’s web site artificially increases the site’s search engine ranking. An increased ranking often results in the spammer’s commercial site being listed ahead of other sites for certain searches, increasing the number of potential visitors and paying customers.” Do you see the connection? The higher the search engine ranking is for a child-killing operation like the Ocala Women’s Center in Florida, the more children they will get paid to kill.

The blog spam I received was for the Legal Abortion by Pill Clinic, operated by the Ocala Women’s Center.

abortion website

As one would expect from a company using deceptive advertising practices, the home page shown above is also full of deception. First and foremost is the quote at the top right, “I was relieved it could be so simple.” The “it” being referred to is the killing of an unborn child by taking a pill. This is not simple, and can result in severe injury and even the mother’s death, not to mention the lifelong psychological trauma that haunts many mothers when they realize what they have done.

Another deceptive tactic is in the paragraph I circled in red.  This paragraph clumsily attempts to say something about abortion numbers not dropping quickly because poor women do not have access to family planning centers, education and birth control. However, the main reason women have an abortion has nothing to do with poverty. As the page shows, the rate of unborn child-killing may be higher for women below the poverty level (112 vs. 29 per 1000 women), but just because the rate is higher, does not mean the number of abortions is higher, or that poverty is the main reason. 93% of all abortions are the result of social reasons, meaning the child is inconvenient or unwanted (  This paragraph is irrational and deceptive. If the “incidence of becoming pregnant has drastically increased” in America, while the number of unborn child-killings has decreased, isn’t that a good thing?

Yes, a decrease in the legal murder of unborn children, coupled with an increase in the incidence of pregnancy is a good thing. What is probably happening is not a lack of education, but rather more and more people are being educated about the real definition of abortion, and they are choosing to keep their babies.  And if that baby is truly inconvenient or unwanted, there are plenty of people who would be willing to adopt the child. No child deserves to be labeled as “unintended” or “unwanted”, and if a child receives that label, he or she doesn’t deserve to be killed for it.

Abortion is murder, and murder is sin. In the documentary Killing Girls, about late-term abortion in Russia, the film follows the life of a young Russian teenager whose situation is not very different than many other girls around the world who get abortions. The girl lives with her mother, and the father left long ago. So the “trail of sin” begins with an unfaithful father. From there, the girl sins by getting drunk, then sins by committing adultery, gets pregnant, almost sins by carrying out the child-killing procedure, but decides not to at the last minute. She has a healthy baby girl who brings a new sense of life and purpose to both her and her mother. About a year later, she commits adultery again, gets pregnant again, but decides to kill the second baby, even though there are plenty of people in Russia and elsewhere willing to adopt a child. Her excuses are typical, the baby would be too expensive, too much of a burden, etc., which may be true, but ultimately these are selfish reasons. Other girls interviewed on the documentary have abortions for excuses ranging from rape to concerns about how having a baby will affect their figure.

The sin of murdering unborn children is having a negative effect on our world. One of the biggest impacts is economic, as highlighted in this article from lifesitenews. As the article points out, we do not have a “debt crisis”, we have a “death crisis”. To have a successful business, people must buy your goods. To have a successful country, people must support the government with at least some level of taxation. The current worldwide “war on unborn children”, resulting in the legalized murder of about 42 million children per year, is resulting in fewer people to buy things, and fewer people to pay taxes. Businesses close and governments collapse because there are not enough people to buy the goods produced and not enough workers to pay the taxes required to maintain even a basic government infrastructure. One example is Greece, which had a major economic crisis come to light in 2010. According to the CIA World Factbook, Greece has a fertility rate of 1.37, ranking it at #203 out of 224 countries. In order to maintain a stable population, a country needs a fertility rate of 2.0 children born per woman. Greece, and many other countries, have had fertility rates below 2.o for years, and the effects of having too few children are becoming more and more visible. Killing unborn children has been legal in Greece since 1984.

Abortion is the murder of an innocent child. It is bad for the mother and father, bad for the community, bad for the city, bad for the nation, and bad for the world. Until His kingdom comes on Earth, as it is in Heaven (Luke 11: 2-3), we humans are going to keep on sinning, but people don’t have to try to cover up the sins of adultery or selfishness with the sin of murdering an innocent, unborn child. In America, we declared independence because our founding fathers believed it was a self-evident truth that all humans are endowed by their Creator with the right to live, the right to liberty, and the right to pursue happiness.  Every child, born and unborn, deserves these rights, and it should be against the law to deny a child such rights.

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