Sharing the Gospel’s liberating message

I made this video after a mission trip to Vladivostok, Russia in September, 2010. Russia was once part of the communist Soviet Union, or USSR. Communism, with its atheistic foundation, is a horrible system of government. America, with it’s Christian foundation, has an imperfect, but definitely better system of government. Unfortunately, many Americans are accepting of socialism, a form of government that is a pathway to communism. We should never forget how bad communism is (in places like North Korea and China) and was for citizens of the former Soviet Union. Over 60 million people were murdered in the former Soviet Union, basically because they disagreed with the goals of communism.

Governments don’t provide true liberty, Jesus Christ does (John 8:36). As more Russians acknowledge Christ as their Savior, more pastors and churches are needed. Two ways to help spread the Gospel in Russia are to support the Slavic Reformation Society and its seminary, as well as the church-planting ministry of CREC Eurasia.

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